Chile-US Astronomy Education and Outreach Summit

Chile-US Outreach Summit

“Astronomy not only answers questions about the origin of life and our place in the cosmos. It is also a science that brings us closer to experiencing the transformation of ancestral mysteries into scientific knowledge; fomenting cultural knowledge and public wisdom, qualities that make all of us, inhabitants of the planet, more human.” — Ambassador Gabriel Rodriguez, Director of Energy, Science and Technology and Innovation for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Chile

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About the Summit Initiative

In the next decade, over two-thirds of the world’s telescope infrastructure will be located in Chile, representing billions of dollars of international collaboration and investment, and placing Chile on the world stage in this cutting-edge field.

The United States and Chile have a long history of fruitful collaboration in astronomy going back to 1849 when U.S. Navy Lieutenant James Gillis established an observatory on Cerro Santa Lucia. And since that time, generations of Chilean and U.S. scientists, universities, and government agencies have worked together to increase our knowledge of the universe.

Astronomy is a rich and exciting area for public engagement, particularly with youth. It provides an opportunity for reaching national and international audiences via an iconic and inspiring field of exploration that encourages careers in science, and promotes a global science culture. Astronomy supports the interconnected issues of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, the creation of new university science degrees, educational exchanges, and English language learning. The field has begun to contribute to wider economic and educational development in Chile, encouraging trade, public-private partnerships, dark skies stewardship and citizen science projects.

Against this background, AUI, AURA, Carnegie Institution for Science, the U.S. observatories in Chile, the United States Embassy, the U.S. National Science Foundation, CONICYT and Fundacion Imagen de Chile convened two Chile-U.S. Astronomy Education Outreach Summit. The Summits brought together more than 100 experts in astronomy education and outreach representing nearly 50 Chilean and foreign institutions and stakeholders who design and direct some of the most important astronomy EPO programs in Chile and the U.S.

The Summit effort seeks to strengthen capacity and improve communication, coordination, and collaboration among astronomy education and outreach initiatives in Chile, and between these and other programs in the United States and other international partners.

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US-Chile Outreach Summit