Radio Astronomy Observing Program (RAOP)


The program is a collaboration between the Astronomical League (AL) AUI, and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO). Most of the observing programs in the Astronomical League are designed to encourage and promote looking at the heavens in the visible light part of the electromagnetic spectrum to which we are most accustomed to observing.  There are however, many other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum to which our eyes are not able to observe.  With a different type of sensor, we can observe in an entirely different realm, that of the radio spectrum. The Radio Astronomy Observing Program (RAOP) is designed to introduce and encourage the building of, and observing with, radio telescopes or other detectors.

RAOP includes five types of observing that can be done with various radio equipment; Space Weather, the Sun, Planets, Meteors, and Galactic objects and will introduce learners of all ages to a variety of earth, space, physics, and engineering concepts, as well as science and engineering practices and processes. Participants are recognized for their accomplishments in RAOP with either a bronze, silver, or gold level award depending on their level of achievement.

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